Friday, March 14, 2014

Laura Gee - London Illustrator

Happy Friday!

I like to keep an eye on what goes on across the pond and obviously they have LOTS of amazing designers and artists residing in the Motherland..

When I was back last I came across an Illustrator by the name of Laura Gee, some of her fun and humorous prints were in a cute shop in Islington called Smug. I was drawn to the 'Fruity' print and did purchase it!

She draws whimsical characters, animals, fruits, whatever takes her fancy. These designs are also printed onto cushions and softies and really brighten up a space while putting a smile on your face. I do have to say I love the swearing big cats... 
Maybe not to everyone's taste but it makes me chuckle. Clearly.

Here is a snippet of the goodness you can find in her shop...

After a beardy man softie? Well now you can get yourself one.

Her work is playful, colourful and sometimes a little sad. She is based in London and gets involved of all sorts of projects, you can read more on her website.

Also check out her shop to purchase something for your wall or sofa or self!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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