Wednesday, March 19, 2014



So I know I have featured some of Lovestar's work before but I realised I haven't done a full post.. I came across her work a long while back now before it shot to fame and have watched it go from strength to strength.. it's now been featured all over the place including House and garden, Yen magazine and The Design Files.

I just LOVE all the pieces, for very obvious reasons.. Bright, bold, fun and kitsch. Ridiculously awesome. Buy fun stuff here!

And all pieces from concept to product are handcrafted in house in Brisbane, how good is that! Always nice to hear.

I know I seem a little excited but just looking at them fills me with joy, how can you be sad? Not possible. Glitter, look at the glitter one.

Ahhh gasp! xx

Follow her on Instagram @lovestarloves for a very pretty feed!

Happy days peeps!

K x

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