Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Object Enthusiast


So Instagram has brought joy to me again, I stumbled across a ceramic artist and object designer. She makes stunning work often with gold or foiled looking polka dots! Something I am finding myself drawn to at the moment.

Her name is Emily Reinhardt and she lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Her blog is  The Object Enthusiast.

You can buy her gorgeous creations in her Etsy shop here. And I want pretty much all of them, especially the white with gold dots. Just beautiful, simple looking yet elegant and timeless. I would pop some bright pink and red blooms in there, ARGH.

She ''believes in sentiment, fresh flowers and the people that treasure them too'' How gorgeous.

She was a featured shop on Etsy last year where you can read a full interview with her.

So if you are feeling like you need a new 'object' in your life, home, office, fort then I suggest one of the following!

Gorgeous work, to read and buy more see here.

Happy handmade shopping,

K x

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