Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vetiver & Co - A Melbourne Perfumery


Well as we say goodbye to summer and move to crispier mornings and a chill to the air we need something floral to remind us of balmy summer days..

I came across this company Vetiver & Co on Instagram, of course.. and I had a look and fell in love with their branding and concept. It is really pretty with fabulous type.

I ended up getting some samples which arrived this week and they are simply gorgeous. With names like Luminous, Oud Rose and Maydeus how can you resist! Just beautiful.

You can have a look at the shop here. Samples can be purchased to see what you might like! And lets face it who doesn't like a choice of perfumes...

Prettiness x

The Vision:

Bred in a world of science.
Fascinated in the world of scent. 
A desire to create. 
A vision to share and inspire. 
Creating fragrances by night in Melbourne, Australia.

So if you fancy supporting a local Perfumery then pop online and take a sniff!

K x

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