Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Boo and Boo Factory - Oh My!

I am in Love.

It's serious.

I think I may want everything in the shop, I had some sort of colour-attack while scrolling through this website and had to share it as soon as possible.

 I feel like I am being yelled at by a colourful cheeky monster who wants me to come and play!


Boo and Boo factory, a fabulous handmade leather jewellery label based in Chicago. All made in the studio or as Christina calls it, The Factory! Every piece is a unique work of art, a beautiful explosion of colour, design, form and sculpture.
Interestingly she trained and worked as an architectural designer which is very clear in her work, the forms and shapes that are so defining and precise but then there is  this amazing colourful freedom and style flying out at you. It is simply wonderful work and I am in awe.
She uses a mixture of techniques and materials and you can see an eclectic array of influences shouting out from the pieces.
Ready for some serious colour!

Find and follow her wonderful feed on Instagram at @booandboofactory and shop here for goodness.
Ooh I must calm down, that was all a bit mind blowingly good.
There is no way that can't of brightened up your day!
K x

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