Monday, April 14, 2014

Hot Choconut Love Buns! Easter Treats.

Easter is upon us!

So this weekend I thought I would have a go at making hot cross buns but with a twist, my intention was to make choc chip ones but all the  choc chips melted.... so hence they are choc buns!

I followed this recipe from Taste but I substituted choccie chips for the currants and coconut oil for the butter!I like to make things up a bit in the kitchen... you win some you lose some!

They actually taste pretty delicious, I decided I wanted to make fun shapes instead of just crosses, welcome to the Love buns!

I would be keen to know how you make choc chips ones as I know they are super tasty but these are pretty good too. So if you have people coming over and you want to make fun treats these are a winner, you could have initials or shapes or whatever you want to draw!

I might squeeze another Easter DIY up before the week is out...

K x

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