Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Smoky Baked Eggs.

I promised many moons ago to share this recipe and I made it on the weekend so I thought it was time... 

Very easy but super tasty and indulgent brunch that will keep you going until dinner!

You will need:
3 big handfuls of spinach leaves
2 eggs [or more if for more people]
1 can of chopped tomatoes
2 slices/rashers of bacon [obviously not essential although I know someone who disagrees!]
1/2 onion
1 cup mushrooms
Pinch of salt
1/2 tsp. dried rosemary [or fresh if you have it]
1 tbsp. of smoked paprika
Black pepper as desired
Generous sprinkling of Parmesan
Shallow baking dish, if you have a cute shape or a nice round one. I found this heart shaped one in an op shop and it's perfect for this dish!

Firstly you do the bacon, onion and mushrooms in a pan with a little olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.

Get your baking dish and lay the spinach in the bottom, then top with a third of the can of tomatoes, half the paprika, then layer in the bacon and mushroom then top with more tomatoes and the remaining paprika. Depending on the depth of your dish you may need to use the whole can of toms but you don't have to! Mix it up a bit if you want but try not to disturb the spinach...

Now you need to make your egg holes, with a spoon make a well in the mixture and crack 1 egg into it, then make a another one in an opposite corner or wherever you like [ just not right next to the first one!] If you want more eggs then repeat...

I always add more pepper now!

It should then look like this: [Not super yummy looking but wanted to share the before!]

So then bake this in the oven on around 180 degrees for about 10 - 15 mins, then pull out and sprinkle on your cheese then bake for a further 5 minutes or until as golden as you like!

I served it with some avocado and toast [ good for dipping and mopping]

Let me know if you make it, I hope you like! What's your favourite weekend brunch dish?

K x

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