Tuesday, May 13, 2014

UNLEASH Creative - The Sydney Event


So just over a week ago I went along to this awesome event hold in the rather lovely space of Brand X in Central Park. This event was brought to Sydney by Unleash Creative and Blog society and let me say it was pretty damn rad. The brains behind it all is the lovely Magdalena from The Craft Revival and yay to her for it's success so far!

I blogged about the Melbourne one and decided I had to go to it, it just looked too fun. That post is here.

If I could describe the energy in the room by a colour, it would be confetti!!

It was such a fun day, I was lucky enough to be part of the Pink group with some fab people including Theresa from Ena and Albert, Kelly from The storybook rabbitMichaela from Anti pastel and many more...

There were 4 creative mentors for the day each with some wildly different projects for us all to do ranging from embroidery to paper craft to making our own string and bringing back the art of writing real letters.

It was a photographers dream, you name a craft material it was there! Bright, fun and colourful stuff everywhere you looked! My photos do not do it justice but you get the idea of how awesome it was, I would have taken more but I was too into the projects. I came away with a whole bag of amazing goodies and a head full of inspiration and feel good vibes, and of course my work from the day!

The food was amazingly tasty and so pretty, look at the gorgeous strawberry biscuits! AMAZE.

And then there was the photobooth, what fun... in an Instant is run by Jess and Seb and is fabulous....

So if you are in Brisbane and you fancy going, you can get tickets here. I would highly recommend it if you like fun and crafting alike. I can't wait for the next one!!

Great job guys, it was AWESOME. Thank you.

K x

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