Monday, July 21, 2014

Pops Plot

Hi there,

I know this may seem like an odd to thing to blog about but I just wanted to share how cute this plot is and maybe inspire you to grow something.. it belongs to my parents and is just the cutest thing.

I love all the fresh and bright colours, the vivid green and the pop of red. Random flowers grow all over the place and you can wander freely and 'peek' at other people's gardens!

I also stumbled across a rather lovely door and a bath tub that was used as a trough. I just love the community vibe that it has and quite fancy a plot myself! In only 3 months they have grown all sorts of things, it just amazes and inspires me so much.. 


The proud plot owners!

Can I retire yet? This looks pretty good. There is of course a shed in which to make tea. Of course there is tea....

An epic storm was hanging over us and shortly after I took this we were soaked!

Happy digging!

K x

Monday, July 14, 2014

Seaford Beach Love

From one home to another...

I was looking through some of the photos from my recent trip back home, these  are of Seaford beach where I grew up and where my mumra and pops live. 

Even with all it's pebbles I still think it's pretty perfect..


Also, I had to include the hilarious-ness that is the poster.... but to be fair I have to agree that those fish n chips are the BEST!

We always order too many chips and I have a pineapple fritter that I can't finish, we watch the sun go down and have a few beers..  Ah summer in Seaford! x

Don't you love little family traditions, what photos make you smile the most?

Have a fab week,

K x

Friday, July 11, 2014

Arro Home - Design For Everyday

Happy Friday!

And how happy are we that the fabulous Beci Orpin as creative director and Adam Rogers as managing director have launched homewares and lifestyle label: Arro.

The signature prints are fun and quirky as expected, designed by a team and made here in Australia. There are also a few sourced pieces from travels which match perfectly with the rhythm of the range that includes cushions, linen, ceramics, rugs and kitchen accessories!

Here are a few of my picks:

Pretty fanfoobulous isn't it! I want rather a lot of it. Especially the above ottoman.

All the products are designed to be stacked and layered which I think look awesome. It is on pre-order now and will begin shipping at the end of this month! Woo. [ Also anyone who pre-orders before 31st July gets free shipping, so get in there!!]

Have a colourful weekend guys!

K x


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Well Hello There! Kaffe Fassett Exhibition, Bath.


As some of you may know I went on a little [6 week] trip back to the UK and to be honest I fell off the blog grid. I had all good intentions but I was distracted by the Sussex downs, mums garden, dad's allotment and the bestest of friends. 

But I'm back full of inspiration, fun ideas and a heap of amazing memories. x

I have a few things from the trip I want to share.... firstly was a fabulous exhibition I went to in Bath with my Bristol Kate mate who has the cute dog, Milly.

Kaffe Fasset, an internationally renowned textile artist that has been crowned as ''the king of colour who took on a grey world.'' I think that is rather beautiful and ever so true..

The exhibition is currently on at the American museum in Bath, England. The outside decoration was awesome and I took as many pictures of that as I did inside! So colourful and fun. Pom pom lampshade trees, who wouldn't love that.

Entering was like walking into a kaleidoscope made of fabrics, it was beautiful and mesmerising.I was in awe of all the colour and the sheer body of work itself.


There were wall hangings, knitted jumpers, quilts, tapestries, embroidery, cushions and artwork. It was a vast array of technique, style and above all colour.  It was a truly inspiring show of work and I am so happy I was taken to see it, thanks Kate! [And Jenny] xx


To top it all off, this is the view from the tea gardens at the museum, absolutely stunning. Bath is awesome and I want to go back...

Happy to be back!

Big Love x