Monday, July 21, 2014

Pops Plot

Hi there,

I know this may seem like an odd to thing to blog about but I just wanted to share how cute this plot is and maybe inspire you to grow something.. it belongs to my parents and is just the cutest thing.

I love all the fresh and bright colours, the vivid green and the pop of red. Random flowers grow all over the place and you can wander freely and 'peek' at other people's gardens!

I also stumbled across a rather lovely door and a bath tub that was used as a trough. I just love the community vibe that it has and quite fancy a plot myself! In only 3 months they have grown all sorts of things, it just amazes and inspires me so much.. 


The proud plot owners!

Can I retire yet? This looks pretty good. There is of course a shed in which to make tea. Of course there is tea....

An epic storm was hanging over us and shortly after I took this we were soaked!

Happy digging!

K x

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  1. What a lovely garden, I have strawberry envy. I love to grow fruit and veggies but where I live in arid outback Qld. it is a real challenge. Only one of my strawberry plants survived last summer but it recently gave me 2 beautiful big berries.The flowers are gorgeous too.