Friday, August 1, 2014

The Kookiest Cornershop by Lucy Sparrow

Wow, do I have a post for you today…

'A fluffy shopping experience' 

A London based artist, Lucy Sparrow has re-created a typical English ‘Cornershop’ completely in Felt!
She has made over 4,000 items including Spam, fruit, veg and even a pic n mix stand! To say I am excited about this is the biggest understatement...

It looks amazing, wonderfully clever and completely awesome! 

Even the till, pricing gun and freezer contents are made entirely from felt. This took 7 months to complete and has been supported by Kickstarter, TheArts Council and is sponsored by Swizzel’s.

Just a snippet of what she has made....

Everything is for sale but will stay in the shop for 1 month as part of the exhibition. You can also make purchases on-line here [THANK GOODNESS]. How will I decide what I want…. I think I need to be quick too!

Also for the month of August there will be sewing workshops taking place to engage the local community (particularly individuals with autism and sectors often socially excluded.) What a fabulous project.. 

If you are in London then you must go and see it! What was a derelict shop in Bethnal green is now an epic colour feast for the eyes!

The Cornershop
19 Wellington Row
E2 7BB

1st-31st August

Open Every Day 10am-7pm

If you want to follow her on social things she is: @sewyoursoul

Happy shopping.

K x

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