Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wrap It Up! - The Souvenir Society


I need to get a few gifts and I am always thinking about different packaging and I remembered this fabulous brand I know of..

I have been admiring this brand for a while and I think you will like what they are doing... it's pretty special.

Called The Souvenir Society [ great name!] They design a selection of goodies from tags, wrapping paper and cards to beautiful re usable wrapping cloths! It is a collaboration of two designers from different fields who clearly lust over pattern and Illustration and boy has it worked.

The wrapping cloths below are simply genius and oh so gorgeous with names like 'Yikes Stripes'! What a great idea and they become part of the gift too which is lovely. Hang it on a wall or maybe wear it as a scarf! I would love it if my gifts came wrapped in fabrics.....seriously guys come on.

They even show you how to wrap with them here.

And to please us all, the paper goods have been made with FSC certified 100% recycled paper stock and compostable cello packing [ which I am pleased to know exists!] 

I can't wait to see what comes out next.... 

Happy shopping!

K x

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