Monday, September 29, 2014

Leah Goren - Illustration and Surface Pattern Pretties

I have a pretty treat for you on this gorgeous Monday,

Another instagram find... I stumbled across this beautiful Brooklyn based Illustrator & surface pattern designer Leah Goren. I have come to find that I have seen and loved her work in publications and on products so it seemed only right to write it up.

She has worked with some amazing clients including Anthropology, Frankie magazine and Hobes just to name a few..

A selection of my favourites from her portfolio..

Her work can be seen on notebooks, scarves, soaps and clothes.. and it is all dreamy and rad at once. I love the style and colour palettes of her Illustrations and the fluidity of the paints used. Pretty wonderful all up.

You can buy her delicious things here. She may be my new hero.

Enjoy exploring!

K x

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Postcard Jewellery Wall - DIY

Happy Wednesday!

So I am totally procrastinating by adding pretty postcards to my wall.. I am sorted out craft studio big time and keep coming across things to play with...

...But they look so cute and a great way to hang your jewels while making a nice visual statement!

I like using a mixture of old cards, photos and artworks. I am using wooden pegs with a little white tak on the back and then pop a few blobs on white tak on the card to help secure any heavy jewels.

Tah Dah.

Enjoy making your wall look pretty and practical!

K x

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pallet Picks - My Top 5 DIY Finds

Ah the old pallet, for so long he was just seen as rubbish but now we are saving them from becoming firewood and making them into gorgeous things for our homes and gardens and that's bloody great I say.

I love them, they are square and steady and I just like the way they look. I also like that you can find them for FREE all over the place if you look around.. I recently learnt that my dad has been bringing them home and making them into moveable planters and storage units. Maybe he can make one of these too..

There are some clever people out there making some awesome things with them, these are my top 5:

1. Delicious daybed, what a gorgeous idea. This could be really pretty, cosy and fun.

Image courtesy here

2. Rustic Outdoor Table - Simple but gorgeous, I imagine it with fresh flowers and vintage glassware.
    Oh and of course some fun hand printed napkins.

This and the next 2 Images courtesy here

3. Floorboards - I think this might be my favourite, It reminds me of my grandma's old barn in the
    countryside.. such rustic charm, I love it.

4. A Potting bench, this is just so cute! I also like the idea of it in a country style kitchen for pretty
    bits and bobs.

5. Headboard - I really like this beachy cozy vibe. It would be nice painted a really bold colour too.

Image courtesy here.

What do you think? Are we over pallett's yet?

Anyway some fun and fab projects for your weekend maybe.... I want to make them all!

Happy Hunting! Next time you pass one behind the grocers think about what you could make from it.

K x

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kids Craft Workshops - Sew Create Make


So next week is the school holidays, so I will be teaching some fun little craft workshops at the lovely shop Sew Create Make.

She offers all sorts of fun classes which you can find here. I will doing two, a mask making workshop and a monsters softie workshop!

I will hopefully have fun photos to share afterwards but I thought I would share the info here incase you know of anyone with kids who might enjoy a workshop...

These are the prototypes I made of the masks, I had far too much fun!

My favourite is the princess crown... 

Happy Wednesday!

K x

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Walter G - Textile Traditionalists


I came across this gorgeous and inspiring textile brand, by wandering around and I am so happy I found them.. I think you will agree they make beautiful things.

Two friends from Sydney weaved together over a love of Textiles, colour and traditional craft methods to make Walter G, a textile and home furnishings company that has a soul as bright as it's face.

They spend time in India with artisans and have learnt the methods of block printing and dying, the pictures of the processes are gorgeous and it looks like an inspiring and wonderful experience. With both Arts and Commerce backgrounds Lauren and Genevieve have found a great combination and you can see they work so well together from the beautiful products they design and produce.

They travel a lot for inspiration which is evident in the rich and diverse colours used in the designs, they also pick up treasures on their travels which they sell in their shop. They also make gorgeous lamps from found objects. Love!

So I am a little in love with my new find and also feeling like I want to go and visit India with all it's colours and Textiles....

For more inspiration and stories I suggest a wander onto their lovely website for a mooch and a shop.

K x

Monday, September 8, 2014

David Jones - 'Attraction' Flower Show

Floral Wanderings...

I love this time of year when the flower show is on! This is one not to be missed.. I am not much of a department store fan but this David Jones is worth a visit. In it's 29th year [wow] it is made by a team of 30 florists over 10,000 hours and attended by 300,000 people featuring a variety of 150,000 love flowers! Pretty incredible stats.

This year it is called Attraction and it is stunning. ''It is celebrating the powerful sensory engagement of flowers and their distinct scents.'' A wonderland of colours and vibrancy galore. 

I love taking close up's of flowers and can very carried away doing so.. I apologise for the reflection but hey at least it is of the park! 

It's on until Saturday this week so get your buns down there to soak it all up.

So pretty and really reflects the beginning of Spring!

If you have time, go enjoy something colourful and enriching.. I promise it will be worth it.

K x

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Each To Own - Sparkling Spring Goodness


Spring has Sprung and what better way to welcome it in with something shiny and beautiful!

Each To Own is a gorgeous brand based in Brisbane run by Kristen, everything is made in her home by hand. Yay my favourite!

I have been a fan for a while and I was lucky enough to receive the fabulous Pineapple brooch from a friend for my birthday so it seemed fitting to share the love....

He he I am please as pineapple to own it :) He he I couldn't resist!

So much wonderful colourful goodness going on, I love it all. I might have to get myself a necklace and earrings to match!

You can shop here on Etsy or check her lovely website here.

Happy shopping!

K x