Monday, September 8, 2014

David Jones - 'Attraction' Flower Show

Floral Wanderings...

I love this time of year when the flower show is on! This is one not to be missed.. I am not much of a department store fan but this David Jones is worth a visit. In it's 29th year [wow] it is made by a team of 30 florists over 10,000 hours and attended by 300,000 people featuring a variety of 150,000 love flowers! Pretty incredible stats.

This year it is called Attraction and it is stunning. ''It is celebrating the powerful sensory engagement of flowers and their distinct scents.'' A wonderland of colours and vibrancy galore. 

I love taking close up's of flowers and can very carried away doing so.. I apologise for the reflection but hey at least it is of the park! 

It's on until Saturday this week so get your buns down there to soak it all up.

So pretty and really reflects the beginning of Spring!

If you have time, go enjoy something colourful and enriching.. I promise it will be worth it.

K x

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