Friday, September 19, 2014

Pallet Picks - My Top 5 DIY Finds

Ah the old pallet, for so long he was just seen as rubbish but now we are saving them from becoming firewood and making them into gorgeous things for our homes and gardens and that's bloody great I say.

I love them, they are square and steady and I just like the way they look. I also like that you can find them for FREE all over the place if you look around.. I recently learnt that my dad has been bringing them home and making them into moveable planters and storage units. Maybe he can make one of these too..

There are some clever people out there making some awesome things with them, these are my top 5:

1. Delicious daybed, what a gorgeous idea. This could be really pretty, cosy and fun.

Image courtesy here

2. Rustic Outdoor Table - Simple but gorgeous, I imagine it with fresh flowers and vintage glassware.
    Oh and of course some fun hand printed napkins.

This and the next 2 Images courtesy here

3. Floorboards - I think this might be my favourite, It reminds me of my grandma's old barn in the
    countryside.. such rustic charm, I love it.

4. A Potting bench, this is just so cute! I also like the idea of it in a country style kitchen for pretty
    bits and bobs.

5. Headboard - I really like this beachy cozy vibe. It would be nice painted a really bold colour too.

Image courtesy here.

What do you think? Are we over pallett's yet?

Anyway some fun and fab projects for your weekend maybe.... I want to make them all!

Happy Hunting! Next time you pass one behind the grocers think about what you could make from it.

K x

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