Thursday, September 11, 2014

Walter G - Textile Traditionalists


I came across this gorgeous and inspiring textile brand, by wandering around and I am so happy I found them.. I think you will agree they make beautiful things.

Two friends from Sydney weaved together over a love of Textiles, colour and traditional craft methods to make Walter G, a textile and home furnishings company that has a soul as bright as it's face.

They spend time in India with artisans and have learnt the methods of block printing and dying, the pictures of the processes are gorgeous and it looks like an inspiring and wonderful experience. With both Arts and Commerce backgrounds Lauren and Genevieve have found a great combination and you can see they work so well together from the beautiful products they design and produce.

They travel a lot for inspiration which is evident in the rich and diverse colours used in the designs, they also pick up treasures on their travels which they sell in their shop. They also make gorgeous lamps from found objects. Love!

So I am a little in love with my new find and also feeling like I want to go and visit India with all it's colours and Textiles....

For more inspiration and stories I suggest a wander onto their lovely website for a mooch and a shop.

K x

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