Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Garage Sale Trail Treats 2014


So last Saturday, 25th October was the wonderful Garage Sale Trail. For anyone who knows me well enough, this is my favourite day of the year [In the southern hemisphere anyway!]

Thousands of people across the country have garage sales and then thousands trawl through and save it all from landfill. To give old things a new life and let someone else enjoy the item whether it be clothes, baking equipment or a a beautiful basket. [ I was good and walked away from several this year...]

So I thought I would share with you a few of my treasures and a few snaps of the fun we had with the amazing rainbow mural:

I think the shoes are my best purchase, I actually bought a pink pair from the same woman last year and she remembered me! This year she was selling these gorgeous Italian leather shoes and they fit like a dream. The blue ones are just so beautifully 80's.

The hubbletron was very impressed with his gift, Bertrand Russell's autobiography. Brownie points scored!

So what treasures did you find on the trail? I'd love to hear and see!

K x

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hoopla - An Embroidered Exhibition

Hey there!

There is an awesome exhibition opening this evening at He made she made gallery in Darlinghurst called Hoopla with some very talented national and international designers and a few creative friends of mine such as Kit Palaskas and Jordan Clarke.. and the epic and wonderful work of Maricor Maricar

It is all about escaping the traditional thoughts behind embroidery and seeing the threads in a different way through the work of some very different artists on large scale hoops.. sounds amazing right?!

So get down there and have a look around, it opens tonight, Wednesday 22nd October and runs until the 15th of November.

Just a snippet of Kit Palaskas's epic piece for the exhibition! A colourful explosion as usual and I love it! x

So if you are looking for something fun tonight then I suggest taking a wander down Oxford street... 6pm - 9pm, 70 Oxford st. 

Full info here.

K x

Friday, October 17, 2014

Etsy Christmas Pop Up Night Markets

Hi there, 

It's Partay Time! Well market time which is the same thing....

Here is the poster I made for the Etsy Sydney pop up Christmas markets, I wanted something fun and festive but simple and informative too.

We as a street team have been lucky enough to take part in the Rocks Village Bizarre this year, every week we will have a selection of Sydney Etsy sellers showcasing local creative talent. There will be a range of products from textiles, jewellery to artwork and even tea. So pop by and say hello!

Opening night: Friday 7th November.

Etsy AU photobooth and goodies bags!

See you there....

Also we, the Sydney Etsy team are on the Etsy AU blog which is quite exciting! There is a little story on there by me about what will be happening and who we are!

So please share this poster around on social media and send it to all your friends, we can also be found on Facebook here. And if you wish to join the event then do! 

Be great to see you at a market or two! Support your local artists and meet the maker! 

Captain K x

Monday, October 13, 2014

Jane Foster Glassware - Make International


I have blogged about this fabulous UK based artist before but I had to share these gorgeous new products. She has designed a range of glassware for Make, it is just so cute for kids and adults alike!

If you know me, you know I love panda's so that one is right up my street.

They are available to buy from this UK online store: Make International.

Also check out her wonderful website, it it is cheerful and fun place to spend some time.

Hope they brighten up your day!

K x