Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Garage Sale Trail Treats 2014


So last Saturday, 25th October was the wonderful Garage Sale Trail. For anyone who knows me well enough, this is my favourite day of the year [In the southern hemisphere anyway!]

Thousands of people across the country have garage sales and then thousands trawl through and save it all from landfill. To give old things a new life and let someone else enjoy the item whether it be clothes, baking equipment or a a beautiful basket. [ I was good and walked away from several this year...]

So I thought I would share with you a few of my treasures and a few snaps of the fun we had with the amazing rainbow mural:

I think the shoes are my best purchase, I actually bought a pink pair from the same woman last year and she remembered me! This year she was selling these gorgeous Italian leather shoes and they fit like a dream. The blue ones are just so beautifully 80's.

The hubbletron was very impressed with his gift, Bertrand Russell's autobiography. Brownie points scored!

So what treasures did you find on the trail? I'd love to hear and see!

K x

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