Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hoopla - An Embroidered Exhibition

Hey there!

There is an awesome exhibition opening this evening at He made she made gallery in Darlinghurst called Hoopla with some very talented national and international designers and a few creative friends of mine such as Kit Palaskas and Jordan Clarke.. and the epic and wonderful work of Maricor Maricar

It is all about escaping the traditional thoughts behind embroidery and seeing the threads in a different way through the work of some very different artists on large scale hoops.. sounds amazing right?!

So get down there and have a look around, it opens tonight, Wednesday 22nd October and runs until the 15th of November.

Just a snippet of Kit Palaskas's epic piece for the exhibition! A colourful explosion as usual and I love it! x

So if you are looking for something fun tonight then I suggest taking a wander down Oxford street... 6pm - 9pm, 70 Oxford st. 

Full info here.

K x

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