Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Unwrap Etsy at David Jones

Well hello,

I hope you had a fabulous weekend… and did you get to the Unwrap Etsy at David Jones? I popped along a few times and met some great people and bought some fab handmade gifts for Christmas and met some makers.

It was a beautiful venue and EtsyAU did a wonderful job, everything was gorgeous. The macrame hanging baubles and giant flower pot holders were amazing and handmade! They are just fabulous.

I had lovely chats with sellers from all over Australia, some old favourites and some new shops that I have discovered which is always wonderful. A few of them are below....

I had a lovely time in this gorgeous space and I hope there will be more events like this in the future as it looked like a huge success to me. The photobooth was awesome fun, there was a wrapping station which was just beautiful and all the staff had cute aprons on!

But if you didn't get there, you can always shop online at Etsy and get all of your Christmas gifts from someone who put a whole lot of love into it. Support the handmade, you know you want to.

Happy festive shopping,

K x

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stitchester went to market - Etsy Pop Up


So last Friday was my Etsy stall at the pop up and I thought I would share a few photos form the night... It was good fun and people were loving the fruity softs.  I made a whole new range that I need to add to the shop.

Also there was a pretty good piece of press here that was exciting!

There are still 3 pop up's to go so go down and check out some local and fabulous work. Every week is different and there have been some gorgeous products so far..you can find more info here.

Hope you are having a fab week!

K x