Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eastern Garage Goodies


So as we are going away on an Asian adventure for a year I thought I should go through some stuff and have a little Garage Sale!
It was a scorcher of a day and I took Polly for a spin to do some canvassing and then we chilled on the street and chatted to passers by…. I thought I’d share a few fun snaps from the day. We had a personal barista and ate croissants dipped in coffee! My naughty favourite. Had to follow up with a swim down at Coogee, god I will miss living by the sea.


I find it so hard to say goodbye to stuff as I am such a collector and a hoarder [ at least I can admit it] and I won’t lie it did not feel good to watch the remaining stuff go to the op shop. But, I must remember that it will make someone else happy and it's great to give things another life. I have found so many treasures that way so maybe they will become someone else's fab finds! Plus... secretly I am excited about shopping in Asia! Although slightly worried I am far too big to actually shop there..

Hope you had a delightful weekend in the sun, or in the snow!

K x

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