Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wollondilly Wilderness

Hi there!

Here's to hoping you had a wonderful long weekend, we went to the wild and wonderful Wollondilly River Station, I have blogged about this crazy place before but I thought hey why not share a few snaps of the first few days before technology (happily) died.

It is in the middle of nowhere and the trip to get there is itself a journey, a 45 k drive down a dirt track that winds down into an incredible and beautiful valley in the Southern Highlands. It can be a hairy drive due to the track being alongside a large drop.... but oh it's worth it. Acres of forest, a beautiful river and no signal. Bush camping at it's best, fire pits to cook on and stars to gaze at. There was a bunch of 20 of us so we had a pretty fun time... 

I took a project, to make a little rug on a circular loom. I still haven't finished but it's coming along nicely.. I am loving the colour combination so far. Also Colin, my brother in law is a keen spoon carver which is an awesome bush camp craft! Check out his awesome spoon....pretty impressive I say.
Until next time Wollondilly, might be a year until we get back to you but don't worry we will return. I have realised we seem to like going to places beginning with W. I don't think there will be as many in Kuala Lumpur though...

K x

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