Monday, February 9, 2015

Highland Highs

Hi - Dee - Hi,

So with my time in Sydney running out I feel like I need to see everything which is impossible but I will give it a crack. I love the southern highlands and a good friend has a farm down there which I was lucky enough to spend a weekend at. It involved a lot of laughing, guess who and rides on a gator...

I feel like I could live in the country one day, surrounded by flowers and strange pretty things. I love a good country town with it's quirky shops and characters, you always find great people and it's just always a good and friendly vibe. Also as an artist there is so much to absorb and be inspired by, it would be a great place to be based and have a little studio... ah one day dreams.

Of course we had to pop into Jambaroo on Friday where I made a new friend.... then onto the farm and Kangaroo Valley where Saturday was the annual show! There were both pig and lawnmower racing to raise money and the town seemed to be having a great time! A band played classic tunes as we ate icy poles to cool down and watched the cutest little pigs running around, what a great Saturday.

Just a few shots from life in the country...

If you haven't been then a weekend away in the beautiful southern highland countryside is well worth it, escape city life and go get rural.

K x

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