Thursday, March 5, 2015

Asian Adventures


So the day came to leave Sydney, it was a scorcher of a day and we hung out at Bronte until an epic storm rolled in and nicely started Autumn for us which felt like a nice way to say bye for a bit.. there were tears of laughter and sadness. So long friends and the ocean, just for a while.

It is very strange to go from knowing a city where everyone speaks and understands your language to having no idea where I am in the world, literally. I feel very lost and it is quite strange. Everytime I leave our new apartment I wonder how I will get back to it which is both exciting and terrifying. Thank goodness for Google maps and a taxi app that I can trust. Of course in no time this will be fine but right now it's all a bit scary! 

My first solo lunch I ordered a laksa which turned out to be bigger than my head and hotter than the sun but I guess I better get used to heat and spice! 

Things I have noted so far...

No one walks, anywhere.
Pavements are a hazard [due to above]
Personal noise is higher than I'm used to
Coffee is not always good but I'm on the search..
Things take a wee while....
They share my love for fruity icy drinks, fave so far is watermelon, lychee, lime. YUM.

The food is amazing and very cheap and everyone is super friendly. I have already found a few potential creative spaces to get involved in and it seems there is a lot going on in this area. So far so good. 

Big love from the hazy skies of KL.

K x

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