Monday, March 16, 2015

Colour Collaborations - Love At First Shape.

I came across these artists in this month's issue of Frankie and I have become a bit obsessed with how amazing they are, together and individually.

They are Mina Hamada and Zosen Bandido. Artists in their own right and now together painting amazing, crazy and colourful murals in Japan, Europe and America.

They tend to paint them in run down areas, hoping to create a conversation and make an impact to the area. I wish this was in my neighbourhood, it is AWESOME! They paint bright and fun critters, shapes, patterns and anything that pops into their super imaginative heads.

I tried to pick a few but they are all just so wonderful. So I didn't, all the colour is good for you.

Some of Mina's work on paper, acrylic and wood. Um, yeah. LOVE at first shape.

My oh my, I hope you have dreams that look like these! I will be trying my very best. :) Now where are my paints...

K x

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