Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pasar Seni Wanders

Hey colour lovers,

I thought I would share a few images from my wanders through Central Market, in the heart of KL. It is a permanent undercover 'Pasar' meaning market, selling lots of trinkets, fabrics, wooden things and a fair bit of tourist 'tat' but some interesting shops and worth a walk through. I ate at the food court on the top floor and had some tasty satay..

I then went in search of a wet market but instead found flower garland stalls and drank a strange coconut drink which led me to a giant fabric house which I will save for another time...

How lovely are these floor tiles..

I wish I could share the smell of these little flowers, they are truly glorious. I think they are jasmine but the man who was making them told me they are called 'Mellow' and are used mainly for prayer. I have hung them up in the living room to brighten up the space!

Have a great weekend!

K x

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