Monday, March 9, 2015

Publika - The 'Manhattan' Of The Malls


1 week into Malaysian life and I am still feeling rather lost, hot and impatient but in time I know this will change. It is an incredible city with lots to explore but wow it is so hot, all the time! For anyone who knows me will know I get very hot without really trying.... so the air con is very welcome!

They are obsessed with shopping malls, they are enormous and diverse. Publika is a large one that is nicknamed 'Manhattan' and amongst other things it hosts spaces for up and coming designers which is great. 

'Bringing art to life, Bringing life to art. Publika's anthem. 

I found a little shop called '' which is the first 'pop up' of it's nature in the area and sells beautiful handmade products from local designers including these geometric designs by NALA and the pretty awesome socks by Medium Rare. 

Other fun and interesting shops were.. Bits and Pieces, Dude and Duchess, The odd loft, Locus by Isofu, Outdated, Galeri Chandan and a pretty good Daiso...

I was lucky to catch the last of the CNY decorations, the colours were intense and amazing, and for a contrast below this was a view from one end of the mall.. it makes for an impressive backdrop especially when the sun is setting.

One thing they know how to make are cocktails! They are on most menu's are are made with delicious fresh fruits and have a generous measure... I had a G & T that may have been one of the best, there was a list of 'side orders' to choose to have with your gin.. I went for apple, mint and lime and it was Tasty. This was at The Bee, a cute trendy little cafe, bar that hosts gigs and we stayed to watch a comedy gig by Time out KL which turned out to be very funny. The food was also really good..

So they say not all malls are made equally, I am not sure where I sit on this yet but this certainly is a different style mall to the ones I know of... with individual stores and lots of potential. I shall be back, even if it's for a G&T at The Bee...

K x

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