Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Georgetown Intro - Street Art & Maker Traditions

Oh my, I can't believe such a wonderfully eclectic, colourful and delicious place such as Georgetown exists.

Me and my fabulous friend @jay_cint just went on a girls adventure to Penang, what a splendid place to visit. There is something for everyone but the highlights have to be the food, architecture and the street art. Seriously wow. I have had to split this up because there is too much for one post, the next one will be Architecture & Yum..

Georgetown was named a UNESCO world heritage sight in 2008 for it's unique architecture and culture and to me it felt like entering a page from a beautiful old book. Where the pages are a bit torn but the pictures are in full colour and preserved with integrity and pride. A little Malaysian Narnia perhaps...

We set out with a rough plan of what we wanted to see which led to wandering down little lanes, stumbling across street art, traditional craftmasters and tasty snacks. You never know what the next corner will bring but it will be a feast for the eyes, stomach or soul. We found rattan weavers, flower garland makers, spice sellers and textiles galore. Street Art popping up in unexpected places and contrasting with the aging surfaces of time. And of course Trishaws dinging their bells touting for business and brightening the streets further.

It is made for tourists, in a good way. The local people are so friendly and happy you are there to see their beautiful city that they welcome you with smiles and knowledge. 

If you ever get the chance it is a stunning place to see. Stay tuned for part two..

K x

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