Thursday, May 21, 2015

El.Aich Designs - Monochrome Me Up


Another wonderful Instagram artist find today, Melissa Grace Farnie of El-aich Designs, from Bristol in the UK. One of my favourite cities to visit when home.. A pot of creativity and all round beautiful city.

I was of course drawn to these fabulous designs for their black and white goodness, you really can't beat a good splash of monochrome.. she is a textile and ceramic artist and recently launched 
EL-AICH and it of course it doing fabulously because it is just rather rad.

All pieces are designed, handmade and hand painted making them original delicious one-offs and I am a fan. 

You can see more work on her website here, Etsy shop here and follow her on the usual suspects @el.aich.designs. She welcomes commissions, I think a crockery set would be a fabulous edition to any household. I love a good bowl....

Have a great weekend!

K x

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Grayson Perry - ''Element Of Marmite''

This is why art needs to remain a vital part of today's education, for people like Grayson Perry to exist so he can design and build things like this:

Turner prize winning Grayson Perry has built a house, in the middle of the beautiful Essex countryside...It is a 'conceptual holiday home' and has been nicknamed the gingerbread house! And it is pretty spectacular. A riot of colour, texture and traditional materials and methods that opens for it's first guests next month. It has taken 4 years to complete and it certainly causing a stir in the local village of Wrabness

The house is a monument to thwarted female intelligence and is the sacred to the memory of an imagined every day Essex woman, Julie May Cope. He has written an imaginary life and death and played it out through artwork within the house, ending with a the hanging delivery moped that ran her over. There are no photos yet of the inside but you can watch a video here.

I have been a fan of his since my university days where I fell in love with his eclectic and vibrant ceramics. He is known for these as well as cross dressing as his alter ego, Claire. A fascinating and brilliant artist.

He quoted on the BBC news ''If you really want to be successful, be authentically bland.'' 

He also said you have to have an ''element of marmite'', what a bloody great line. Well I think there is a generous heap of marmite in here and I have always liked it spread thick.

It is an unmissable piece of art and architecture and I am going to try and see it when we are back in the UK next which just so happens to be this month!

Have a fab week.

K x

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jason Woodside - Addictive Abstract Artwork

I suppose if you didn't like colour you wouldn't read this blog so I won't warn you...

Jason Woodside lives and works in NYC, he creates incredible pieces of work often brightly coloured and rather geometric. They are fun to look at and visually pleasing in many ways.He has collaborated with and made commissions for clients around the world including Adidas, Faberge, Michel Roux, Rapt studio and Obey Clothing just to name a few.. Also exhibiting across the globe, his colourful creations are addictive and engaging. 

He paint and creates on many forms including walls, wood, metal, resin, as well as canvas... each piece a wonderful and all consuming creation of colour, pattern and textures.

Check out his amazing work on his website and in the press here are a few examples of what you can expect from him...

I dare you to wear black after seeing this..... add something colourful to add a zing to your day!

K x

Monday, May 11, 2015

Majestic Melaka - Baba Nyonya Heritage

We spent a long weekend a few hours south of KL in the UNESCO town of Melaka/Malacca.

An interesting historic waterfront town with an eclectic culture making for a colourful place to wander around. It has the river 'Sungai Melaka' running through it adding more of the European vibe and makes for a pretty walk.. It was conquered by the Portuguese in the early 1500's and also has a dutch influence which it certainly still reflected around the city centre.

The main area is Jonker street and it's surroundings. We found this area very touristy and full of 'tut' but only a short walk away you can find some lovely streets full of interesting shops, antiques, art and temples. Jonker is worth seeing, a crazy night market is on Friday/Saturday nights and I have to say was one of the craziest I have seen. A hot, noisy and bustling snake of hundreds of people..

The food is plentiful and delicious but again avoid the really tourist areas as you will be ripped off, it happened to us due to a hangry situation and we missed all the signs! Just a few minutes walk from the main drag are some lovely places to eat, one of our best eats of the weekend was at Pak Putra Tandoori restaurant very delicious middle eastern delights. Other well renowned Melaka treats are chicken rice balls, cendol, Nyonya laksa, devil curry, satay celup and of course it is where Gula Melaka comes from!

There is some interesting architecture with great use of colour, amazing murals on walls along the riverside and if you look closely there are pretty things hidden in unexpected places. Cute cafes and art galleries with local artists work are hidden in alleyways and down roads that look never ending... we found by wandering there is a lot to see. The main style of houses is Baba Nyonya Heritage , similar to Georgetown. Amazing shop-houses with incredible fronts, I am in love with this style.

You can't go to Melaka and not see the trishaws, they are quite a sight both at day and night.. a contraption built to ferry tourists around, covered in a plethora of lights, toys, fake flowers and anything else they desire. You can hear them coming, blaring out a variety of music, banter and friendly touting. Disney would have a field-day if they could see what is going on!

I came home with a few colourful trinkets and vintage finds, it would be rude not to. ;)

I hope wherever you are you having a good day!

K x

Friday, May 8, 2015

Connie Lichti - Pots Of Gold

I can't resist a polka dot... can anyone?

Another amazing instagram find, you know that feeling when you find a designers work that you immediately love and then have to drool over their IG feed or website.. it's a pretty special moment.

Well it was a picture of some cream speckled vessels with large bold gold polka dots, I think you will understand and share my desire here..

Connie Lichti is a Melbourne based ceramicist and spends her time in her studio, making and teaching as well as selling her wares at the famous Rose st Artist Market. She recently collaborated with Gorman in their homewares range (How awesome!)

There are so many amazing handmade ceramics around at the moment, but there is something just poppingly glorious about Connie's work, I love the organic solid shapes and the straight lines but most of all I love the gold dots!

If you are Melbourne based then check out her stuff at the Rose st artist market or you can contact her here.

I will be over here, looking into ceramics classes for the 3rd time in a year... just for some fun :)

K x

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Georgetown - Architecture and Food

Part Two.. Highlights of the incredible colonial and colourful architecture and delicious food. named a UNESCO site in 2008 it has preserved many of the amazing chinese shophouses which were built in the 1800's They are split into sections and people usually slept on the second level where as downstairs was the shop and living quarters. Some are still being used in the same way, locals are very happy to tell you more about their history.

The colour combinations in the buildings are amazing, mint with purple and teal on navy, striking and quirky yet classic and strong. Every corner lent itself to a photographic moment, here are my favourites.. 

And there there is the food, Georgetown is renowned for delicious street food and amazing specialties. You can find just about anything and it's great value for money. After an 'interesting' sad soup Laksa experience below we found the most delicious one ever, the perfect balance of flavours. You have to try everything.. 

The stall below is run by an adorable couple who make delicious folded style pancakes, sweet delights filled with a peanut sauce amongst other treats..

And then there was the next soup incident, I had bought a Curry Mee at the airport but it took so long that I didn't have time to eat it all, rather than leave it I asked if they could put in in a take away container for me. The first attempt was a leaking box and a bag covered in soup which I politely declined and asked if they had something else.. by this point we really need to go to the gate and I am beginning to regret my decision when out someone comes with the above. Soup in a bag...tied up very tightly with string.

I was fairly gobsmacked at this strange container but I took it anyway, I then took this through security [yes, just like this!] and ate it at the gate, on my lap with a spoon. All very amusing, Opening the bag was the tricky part, to be honest I could have done with a straw!

Funny stories are really what makes a trip though aren't they?

K x