Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Georgetown - Architecture and Food

Part Two.. Highlights of the incredible colonial and colourful architecture and delicious food. named a UNESCO site in 2008 it has preserved many of the amazing chinese shophouses which were built in the 1800's They are split into sections and people usually slept on the second level where as downstairs was the shop and living quarters. Some are still being used in the same way, locals are very happy to tell you more about their history.

The colour combinations in the buildings are amazing, mint with purple and teal on navy, striking and quirky yet classic and strong. Every corner lent itself to a photographic moment, here are my favourites.. 

And there there is the food, Georgetown is renowned for delicious street food and amazing specialties. You can find just about anything and it's great value for money. After an 'interesting' sad soup Laksa experience below we found the most delicious one ever, the perfect balance of flavours. You have to try everything.. 

The stall below is run by an adorable couple who make delicious folded style pancakes, sweet delights filled with a peanut sauce amongst other treats..

And then there was the next soup incident, I had bought a Curry Mee at the airport but it took so long that I didn't have time to eat it all, rather than leave it I asked if they could put in in a take away container for me. The first attempt was a leaking box and a bag covered in soup which I politely declined and asked if they had something else.. by this point we really need to go to the gate and I am beginning to regret my decision when out someone comes with the above. Soup in a bag...tied up very tightly with string.

I was fairly gobsmacked at this strange container but I took it anyway, I then took this through security [yes, just like this!] and ate it at the gate, on my lap with a spoon. All very amusing, Opening the bag was the tricky part, to be honest I could have done with a straw!

Funny stories are really what makes a trip though aren't they?

K x

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