Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Grayson Perry - ''Element Of Marmite''

This is why art needs to remain a vital part of today's education, for people like Grayson Perry to exist so he can design and build things like this:

Turner prize winning Grayson Perry has built a house, in the middle of the beautiful Essex countryside...It is a 'conceptual holiday home' and has been nicknamed the gingerbread house! And it is pretty spectacular. A riot of colour, texture and traditional materials and methods that opens for it's first guests next month. It has taken 4 years to complete and it certainly causing a stir in the local village of Wrabness

The house is a monument to thwarted female intelligence and is the sacred to the memory of an imagined every day Essex woman, Julie May Cope. He has written an imaginary life and death and played it out through artwork within the house, ending with a the hanging delivery moped that ran her over. There are no photos yet of the inside but you can watch a video here.

I have been a fan of his since my university days where I fell in love with his eclectic and vibrant ceramics. He is known for these as well as cross dressing as his alter ego, Claire. A fascinating and brilliant artist.

He quoted on the BBC news ''If you really want to be successful, be authentically bland.'' 

He also said you have to have an ''element of marmite'', what a bloody great line. Well I think there is a generous heap of marmite in here and I have always liked it spread thick.

It is an unmissable piece of art and architecture and I am going to try and see it when we are back in the UK next which just so happens to be this month!

Have a fab week.

K x

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