Monday, May 11, 2015

Majestic Melaka - Baba Nyonya Heritage

We spent a long weekend a few hours south of KL in the UNESCO town of Melaka/Malacca.

An interesting historic waterfront town with an eclectic culture making for a colourful place to wander around. It has the river 'Sungai Melaka' running through it adding more of the European vibe and makes for a pretty walk.. It was conquered by the Portuguese in the early 1500's and also has a dutch influence which it certainly still reflected around the city centre.

The main area is Jonker street and it's surroundings. We found this area very touristy and full of 'tut' but only a short walk away you can find some lovely streets full of interesting shops, antiques, art and temples. Jonker is worth seeing, a crazy night market is on Friday/Saturday nights and I have to say was one of the craziest I have seen. A hot, noisy and bustling snake of hundreds of people..

The food is plentiful and delicious but again avoid the really tourist areas as you will be ripped off, it happened to us due to a hangry situation and we missed all the signs! Just a few minutes walk from the main drag are some lovely places to eat, one of our best eats of the weekend was at Pak Putra Tandoori restaurant very delicious middle eastern delights. Other well renowned Melaka treats are chicken rice balls, cendol, Nyonya laksa, devil curry, satay celup and of course it is where Gula Melaka comes from!

There is some interesting architecture with great use of colour, amazing murals on walls along the riverside and if you look closely there are pretty things hidden in unexpected places. Cute cafes and art galleries with local artists work are hidden in alleyways and down roads that look never ending... we found by wandering there is a lot to see. The main style of houses is Baba Nyonya Heritage , similar to Georgetown. Amazing shop-houses with incredible fronts, I am in love with this style.

You can't go to Melaka and not see the trishaws, they are quite a sight both at day and night.. a contraption built to ferry tourists around, covered in a plethora of lights, toys, fake flowers and anything else they desire. You can hear them coming, blaring out a variety of music, banter and friendly touting. Disney would have a field-day if they could see what is going on!

I came home with a few colourful trinkets and vintage finds, it would be rude not to. ;)

I hope wherever you are you having a good day!

K x

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