Monday, June 29, 2015

Haji Lane - Singapore


This weekend we did the 5 hour bus ride to Singapore to see a friend and she took us to Haji Lane, what a sweet little spot amongst the crazy haze of Singapore.

The street is in the Arab Quarter, a funky area with cool cafes including Working Title and shops selling local textile wares, wicker and lanterns galore. You will sneek a view into Haji Lane but the colours, sounds and good vibes will draw you in! During the day time it's alive with indie boutiques, fashion stores and cute cafe/bars..

A few of my favourite finds were Craft AssemblyShop Wonderland & Mondays Off  each selling a variety of local designers and fun fab stuff so take a look!

By night it is a sprawling street of live music, delicious food, pretty lights and people having a bloody good time..

Happy Hunting,

K x

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My first Blok Post!

These are my first go at a wooden block set! Made for a little pickle that I like to make stuff for, I bought the blocks from a market in Byron Bay. They are made from recycled cedar wood, furniture off-cuts. As soon as I bought them I knew what I wanted to make..

I spent time sketching different patterns and ideas for the different sides to the blocks and went with a mixture of houses, flora, patterns, weather and a few quirky additions of course.

This is how they turned out...

I was really happy with them and actually loved playing with them myself! I hope little pickle enjoys playing with them and making all-sorts of fun things with them. I see them being the beginning to stories galore.

I am thinking about making another set for my online shop (coming soon...)

K x

Monday, June 22, 2015

100 Days Of Rainbows


Is what I felt when I came across the most colourful instagram feed I have found in a long time.. simply just spectacular.

@hey_jules_studio - Julie Seabrook Ream, an artist and mum who says she can never pick a colour! 

#100daysofrainbows Need I say more? Enjoy a fix of colour!!

I just love all the different places you find colour and how beautifully these have been styled, what a gorgeous project.

I'll be in this corner of the internet drooling over rainbows, what about you?

K x

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Grandma's Mystery Sewing Chest


I made an amazing find in a charity/op-shop in the UK, I had found a cute flower press, bought it and we were leaving when something caught James eye..

It was an orange velvet chest opened and filled with sewing and haberdashery goodies with a sign saying:

''Grandma's sewing chest'' 

It was one of those op shopping moments when you know you can't leave without the thing you have just clapped eyes on, clearly it's completely and utterly amazing... I went straight to the lady I had just been served by and asked if I could see what was in the chest, she said she didn't know, it had come in as above and they had put it straight in the window! So, with that I decided it had to be mine... and at a bargain price too..

We carried in to the bus stop and traipsed it home without knowing what was underneath that top layer.. We actually joked that it could just be bricks or even a dead cat..... But....

It was like Christmas! With my mum and nan I opened it all up layer by layer and found bags of scraps of coloured lace, glittery fabrics, patterns, vintage dressmaking scissors, ribbons, cords, and everything in between!

I even found a bag with a recorder in it and a strange crocodile shaped wooden thing, the mind boggles.

I do love it when that happens, and seeing as there are not many op shops in Malaysia I see this as special op shop gold... now I just need to get it here :)

Have a fab week, happy hunting!

K x

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sweet Rock N Roll

While back in the UK me and James visited Eastbourne, an old seaside town in Sussex, just a short scenic drive from where I grew up.

A typical seaside town with a high street, centre and of course the pebbly beach. In the summer the promenade is beautiful and covered in gorgeous flowers.. and you can't beat the fish n chips by the sea. Old people in deck chairs are sunning themselves while seagulls eagerly await lost chips and the sound of the sea rolls around in the background. A peaceful way to spend an afternoon.

I couldn't help but grab a few snaps in the local beach shopfronts, I even picked up a fridge magnet for the collection. ;) For me, the naffer the better.


I love the rock, the sweet rock..the colours are so awesome and I swear these have been here since the 80's. Does anyone buy it?! I just think it is beautiful and might get a picture blown up as I think it would look great and certainly puts a nostalgic smile on my face.

Happy Monday!

K x

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Wanders In Londonland

We just got back from a trip to the UK and managed to pack in a heap of things including a Greek wedding, glamping and of course a few days in good old Londonland.

Going to London as a tourist is pretty fun, you get to enjoy the best bits of the city and wander around the streets without running for tubes and battling crowds on your lunch break..

We met at Waterloo station under the clock (would have been far more romantic if it wasn't blowing a gale outside!) and walked up the south-bank which is always nice whatever the weather... We visited the Tate Modern, a one of my favourite museums showcasing a variety of artists from across the world. Too big to do in one day, we focused on surrealism and Pop Art, I have always loved the work of Andy Warhol.

Amazing pie from Pieminister, really delicious.... and what a fun name too!

The next day was spent Eastside, around Liverpool street and Brick lane.. this area always amazes me. I love how old and new overlap each other. Suits and hipsters share the streets and the hustle bustle of the city hums along to a beat.

It was a stunner of a day and as the sun took it's sweet time going down the crowds were spilling out of pubs onto streets and filling sun spots in rooftop eateries.. we discovered a fun little spot called BOXPARK  which hosts cool arty shops, upcoming designers and the top floor is food and drinks.. well worth a visit!

I always find the nook crannies have the best street art and they looked so great in the afternoon sun.

I am back in the hot and humid KL... feeling rather jet lagged. It is nice to be back in our home but always sad saying bye.

Have a fab weekend!

K x