Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Grandma's Mystery Sewing Chest


I made an amazing find in a charity/op-shop in the UK, I had found a cute flower press, bought it and we were leaving when something caught James eye..

It was an orange velvet chest opened and filled with sewing and haberdashery goodies with a sign saying:

''Grandma's sewing chest'' 

It was one of those op shopping moments when you know you can't leave without the thing you have just clapped eyes on, clearly it's completely and utterly amazing... I went straight to the lady I had just been served by and asked if I could see what was in the chest, she said she didn't know, it had come in as above and they had put it straight in the window! So, with that I decided it had to be mine... and at a bargain price too..

We carried in to the bus stop and traipsed it home without knowing what was underneath that top layer.. We actually joked that it could just be bricks or even a dead cat..... But....

It was like Christmas! With my mum and nan I opened it all up layer by layer and found bags of scraps of coloured lace, glittery fabrics, patterns, vintage dressmaking scissors, ribbons, cords, and everything in between!

I even found a bag with a recorder in it and a strange crocodile shaped wooden thing, the mind boggles.

I do love it when that happens, and seeing as there are not many op shops in Malaysia I see this as special op shop gold... now I just need to get it here :)

Have a fab week, happy hunting!

K x

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