Friday, July 24, 2015

Chatuchak Market - Bangkok

You know I love a good market, it's my favourite thing to do, shop. This place is possibly the biggest and most diverse market I have ever experienced. It is a maze of alleyways full of anything you can imagine, good and bad.

Chatuchak Market, located north of the city centre and very easy to find due to the hoards of people walking from the train station. There is a clock tower in the centre of it, useful as a meeting and focal point! It is divided into sections such as crafts, vintage, plants, artwork etc. Walking around is a sweaty, frantic and exciting experience full of treasures and frustrations alike.

Best finds: Miniature ceramic fruits and vegetables, beautiful papers, hand-painted crockery, artwork, plastic fruits, textiles.

Weirdest find: Baby bunnies in dresses (personally I think this is a bit cruel.)

We lasted about 3 hours, and by the end were exhausted and so hot! We found a cute place to eat and had some good old chang as that seems to quench the thirst..

We all picked up a bargain and certainly some memories too. If you find yourself in Bangkok then you must go visit this incredible place! And remember to haggle... I'm already planning my next trip to source some pieces for 'Letter 11', more on that soon..

K x

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