Monday, July 6, 2015

Hello Julie White - Kiwi Socks Anyone?


Anyone who knows me understands about my scarf addiction. I don't wear them often but I love them! I love the different prints and patterns, how they feel and they just make me smile. I keep them all in a cute little suitcase and every now and again I rummage through it for inspiration. 

So when I discovered Julie White and her delicious Textile and accessories I smiled a bit more..

She hand draws, mixes with collage and creates digitally printed limited edition accessories whether that be a scarf, socks or something else! 

Australiana is a theme running through and the latest collection  'Straya Daze'  has awesome names like Pavlova Scarf and Kiwi Socks.. pretty fun right?! I really want the pav one....

So if you need an injection of colourful fun then I think you might find some here.. also she is on instagram @hellojuliewhite and has a fab blog.

Happy Monday Gang!

K x

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