Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ruby Pilven - Porcelain Ceramics

Hi there!

I have made another ceramicist discovery in the form of Ruby Pilven. She makes gorgeous pieces of work including vessels, jewellery and art. Her style is an interesting layered mix of bold use of pastel colours and patterns with splashes of metallic textures and brushstrokes.

Both her parents are ceramicists so she has been involved from a young age, what a fabulous environment that must have been. She went on to study business and printmaking which clearly shines through her work. It is structural, beautiful and interesting. 

Ruby likes to ''inject joy into everyday life'' which I think is rather wonderful. See more of her work here and buy pieces here.

Also follow her on instagram at @rubypilven_ceramics to see what she is upto! Making gorgeous things no doubt. I have my eye on a dish or two...

K x

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