Monday, September 28, 2015

Polkaros - Cute Playful Tokyo Based Design


Monday is here, KL is covered in a haze that looks apocalyptic and is quite sad so I thought I would share with you something fun and bright I found to love over the weekend..

Tokyo based, Singapore born artist Ros Lee has created a lifestyle brand called Polkaros  - everyday objects that have a colourful, funny, playful and whimsical twist to brighten our days. It includes ceramics, textiles and paper goods. 

I love the use of colours and shapes in her designs, playful and fun. Here are some faves!

You can't help but smile at all the glorious things on the website, I want to fill a room with them! 

My favourite are the pots with faces, they all have super cute names like Betti Confetti & Dotto.

All collections in her shop here but I warn you they are all sold out currently! Sad face. 

You can also see more on her Instagram  it is a super fun feed :)

Hope everyone has a rad week full of smiles. I shall be hiding inside today....

K x

Monday, September 21, 2015

KL Wanders - Colourful dumplings & A Storm Drain

Hi hi,

So I felt it had been a while since I had shared any recent Kuala Lumpur wanders.... or maybe we haven't been doing as many! But at the weekend we went to Lake Titiwangsa, yes that is correct. We ate questionable fruit from a stall and watched people peddle around in 30 odd degree heat. :)

The photos are the highlights of the weekend... including a cultural visit to the National Gallery of Visual Arts, chicken rice, a Milo dinosaur (a typical Malaysian version of Milo where they top it off with a pile of more Milo!) Strange but tasty.

A hanging bag of drink because you know, why not.. then we had to climb down a storm drain because we found ourselves in the middle of 3 lanes of traffic.

KL is the least pedestrian friendly place I think I have ever been. Seriously....It's almost amusing!

Then I saw the barber shop with some amazing colours going on.. so you know, the drain climb was so worth it. We found a pretty Balinese place and ate the most colourful dumplings I have ever seen, you even have to eat them in an order... fun and delicious!

They are called Xiao Long Bao and are soup dumplings... they burst in your mouth, just delicious. Especially the black truffle one.

Have a fab week!

K x

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Buried Diamond - Charms To Celebrate

Happy Monday!

Today I share with you an incredibly colourful Brooklyn based designer, Martha Porter behind the label Buried Diamond.

A fun, colourful and quirky mix of accessories, stickers, patches, ceramics and the famous charms. 

 Most of her pieces are made from polymer clay or wood and hand-painted by her, then coated in resin for that high shine effect.

I love the quirky nature to them and am keen to get myself a necklace and begin to collect some charms! To keep up to date with new charm releases you must follow her on IG: @burieddiamond as she makes the unique treasures in small batches and I am pretty sure they sell out fast....Also check out her blog for more awesomeness.

Such fun, unique mini works of art! She says ''she wants the jewellery to make you laugh and feel ready to party'' I am pretty sure it does exactly that.

K x

Monday, September 7, 2015

Letter 11 - Shiny New Website!

Well howdy there,

So I have been working on a little something for a while and I could carry on playing with it forever (and obviously will) but it's time to share it :) I made a shiny new website!

This year has been a chance for me to look back at things I have made, places we've been and things I have have learnt. I realised there wasn't anywhere online (apart from IG) where my work could be seen so Letter 11 is a place for me to share my textile designs, projects, workshops, vintage finds, travel photos and anything else.

I am working on a range of homewares and accessories and hope to open the shop part very soon!
This will include both digital & handprinted textiles along with one off pieces, artwork and vintage finds. So watch this space!

A sneek peek of things I am working on....

Follow me on Instagram for updates and latest news... @shiztastic

Have a fab week!

K x

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Screenprinting Adventures - Raksasa Print Studio

Hello Peeps,

I realised I hadn't blogged this week, oops. Was a bit busy with visitors and 'working' and printing...

So if some of you follow me on Instagram you'll see I have joined  a screenprinting studio - Raksasa Print Studio and just finished my course in learning all the know-how's... It's great, I am loving being back in a creative environment that is outside my own space which is something I am sure a lot of you will understand.

I am excited about the things that I have printed so far and thought I would share a few things... stay tuned on what they will turn into.... **shop coming soon**

Yesterday I learnt how to turn photographs into prints for fabric/paper.... they turned out pretty well, it's a tricky process and takes a while but with the right colours this could be super fun! 

Hope you're having a great weekend!

K x