Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Buried Diamond - Charms To Celebrate

Happy Monday!

Today I share with you an incredibly colourful Brooklyn based designer, Martha Porter behind the label Buried Diamond.

A fun, colourful and quirky mix of accessories, stickers, patches, ceramics and the famous charms. 

 Most of her pieces are made from polymer clay or wood and hand-painted by her, then coated in resin for that high shine effect.

I love the quirky nature to them and am keen to get myself a necklace and begin to collect some charms! To keep up to date with new charm releases you must follow her on IG: @burieddiamond as she makes the unique treasures in small batches and I am pretty sure they sell out fast....Also check out her blog for more awesomeness.

Such fun, unique mini works of art! She says ''she wants the jewellery to make you laugh and feel ready to party'' I am pretty sure it does exactly that.

K x

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