Monday, September 21, 2015

KL Wanders - Colourful dumplings & A Storm Drain

Hi hi,

So I felt it had been a while since I had shared any recent Kuala Lumpur wanders.... or maybe we haven't been doing as many! But at the weekend we went to Lake Titiwangsa, yes that is correct. We ate questionable fruit from a stall and watched people peddle around in 30 odd degree heat. :)

The photos are the highlights of the weekend... including a cultural visit to the National Gallery of Visual Arts, chicken rice, a Milo dinosaur (a typical Malaysian version of Milo where they top it off with a pile of more Milo!) Strange but tasty.

A hanging bag of drink because you know, why not.. then we had to climb down a storm drain because we found ourselves in the middle of 3 lanes of traffic.

KL is the least pedestrian friendly place I think I have ever been. Seriously....It's almost amusing!

Then I saw the barber shop with some amazing colours going on.. so you know, the drain climb was so worth it. We found a pretty Balinese place and ate the most colourful dumplings I have ever seen, you even have to eat them in an order... fun and delicious!

They are called Xiao Long Bao and are soup dumplings... they burst in your mouth, just delicious. Especially the black truffle one.

Have a fab week!

K x

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