Monday, September 7, 2015

Letter 11 - Shiny New Website!

Well howdy there,

So I have been working on a little something for a while and I could carry on playing with it forever (and obviously will) but it's time to share it :) I made a shiny new website!

This year has been a chance for me to look back at things I have made, places we've been and things I have have learnt. I realised there wasn't anywhere online (apart from IG) where my work could be seen so Letter 11 is a place for me to share my textile designs, projects, workshops, vintage finds, travel photos and anything else.

I am working on a range of homewares and accessories and hope to open the shop part very soon!
This will include both digital & handprinted textiles along with one off pieces, artwork and vintage finds. So watch this space!

A sneek peek of things I am working on....

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Have a fab week!

K x

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