Monday, September 28, 2015

Polkaros - Cute Playful Tokyo Based Design


Monday is here, KL is covered in a haze that looks apocalyptic and is quite sad so I thought I would share with you something fun and bright I found to love over the weekend..

Tokyo based, Singapore born artist Ros Lee has created a lifestyle brand called Polkaros  - everyday objects that have a colourful, funny, playful and whimsical twist to brighten our days. It includes ceramics, textiles and paper goods. 

I love the use of colours and shapes in her designs, playful and fun. Here are some faves!

You can't help but smile at all the glorious things on the website, I want to fill a room with them! 

My favourite are the pots with faces, they all have super cute names like Betti Confetti & Dotto.

All collections in her shop here but I warn you they are all sold out currently! Sad face. 

You can also see more on her Instagram  it is a super fun feed :)

Hope everyone has a rad week full of smiles. I shall be hiding inside today....

K x

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