Thursday, November 19, 2015

Diwali Delights In KL

Well hello there!

It was recently Diwali [or Deepavali] here, November 10th, the Festival of Lights. Marked with fireworks and family feasts, it is a 5 day celebration and gets it's name from the row 'avali' of clay lamps [or deepa] that are lit outside homes to symbolize the inner light that protects us from spiritual darkness.

We went to Brickfields, KL's little India and had a wander amongst traditional music,wafts of delicious food and lots and lots of people! There are little fireworks going off all over the place and you can buy them in the markets, hilarious. I found the longest alleyway of the flower garland makers yet... the smell was so insanely good. I could photograph these vendors all day. I will really miss them.

Here are a few of the most colourful delights.... The blue and white discs are small versions of the stencils used to make the colourful and elaborate displays, they are made from dyed rice and are quite incredible works of art. People make small versions outside their homes too.


On sale around this time are lots of sweets and handmade cakes, special biscuits, fireworks, plastic flower garlands and allsorts of colourful [and a bit dare I say tacky] decorations! But all wonderful to look at and a lot to take in at times!

It is not something I knew a lot about but next year I will be looking for a local celebration in Sydney!

K x

Monday, November 16, 2015

Studio Visit - Ena & Albert


It is no secret that this brand is one of my favourite Australian designers, Therese from Ena & Albert makes 'Handmade colourful goods' and boy does she do it well!

When I was back in Sydney land I was lucky enough to go and see her studio space and spend a few hours surrounded by colours, clay and giggles.

She makes fun, quirky, unique polymer clay jewellery. Each bead is designed, colour mixed, hand rolled and baked in her little oven. Then made into gorgeous wearable pieces of art! She also makes them for teeny weenies... age 3 and up, too cute :) She also has started doing workshops, how fun.. I will definitely be keen for one on return!

I think I own about 6 necklaces now, 2 are custom designed and I love them... maybe too much. I probably wear one every day. They go with everything! You can never have too much of something you love. Maybe you fancy a look?

Sunny Studio Shots:

Busily stringing beads.... The master at work :)

A few shots from her current collection:

We have similar styles and inspirations so it's no wonder I love her work and will do for years to come no doubt. We met through Etsy, I love how it connects creative people and enables such friendships to evolve.

She is a gorgeous girl inside and out, anyone who knows her loves her! I feel lucky to have become a friend. I bet Ena was a real sweetie too. The brand is named after her maternal grandparents that were married 60 years, quite the crafty lady I hear....

K x

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sculptures By The Sea 2015 - Coastal Walk Gallery

The Coastal Walk Gallery...

Every year when we do the sculptures by the sea walk it rains, without fail.... This year was no exception!

It was crazy windy but even with bad weather it's still a stunning walk, I returned later in the week to do it on my own which is actually a lovely thing to do. Well it would be if you weren't being bashed by the bondi runners.... who seem to think they own the coastal walk. Anyway....

My favourite had to be the naked Barbie wave, constructed purely of barbies. A strange plastic experience.. [I am hoping made by recycled dolls.....] Check out the storm rolling behind us!

A few snaps from the two very different days. I hope if you went you were lucky with the sky :)

So another year down, another set of fantastic sculptures by some very talented artists. It must just be the prettiest backdrop for a gallery, right? Glad we were there to see them, lucky timing again :)

These last two photos are just for the love of that view and that sky. Ahhhh.

K x

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Flowery Wanders In Sydney


We were lucky enough to be back in Sydney for some of it's finest floral explosions. The streets were lined with Jacarandas and blossoms of all sorts. It is one of my favourite times in the floral calendar of Sydney and I hadn't even realised we would be there to see it. What a delight....

It is stunning, you can be on the train line, on a bus or ferry and you will see patches of purple floating amongst the houses, dotting the skyline with gorgeous-ness. I'm a bit obsessed with taking floor shots of the falling flowers, they make the best patterns and the scattered scent is delicious.

I am thinking a few of these might be really nice as prints? Maybe even a pattern of some sort...

Such intense colours, with that blue backdrop. One of the many things I love about walking the streets of Sydney. 

K x