Sunday, November 8, 2015

Flowery Wanders In Sydney


We were lucky enough to be back in Sydney for some of it's finest floral explosions. The streets were lined with Jacarandas and blossoms of all sorts. It is one of my favourite times in the floral calendar of Sydney and I hadn't even realised we would be there to see it. What a delight....

It is stunning, you can be on the train line, on a bus or ferry and you will see patches of purple floating amongst the houses, dotting the skyline with gorgeous-ness. I'm a bit obsessed with taking floor shots of the falling flowers, they make the best patterns and the scattered scent is delicious.

I am thinking a few of these might be really nice as prints? Maybe even a pattern of some sort...

Such intense colours, with that blue backdrop. One of the many things I love about walking the streets of Sydney. 

K x

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