Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sculptures By The Sea 2015 - Coastal Walk Gallery

The Coastal Walk Gallery...

Every year when we do the sculptures by the sea walk it rains, without fail.... This year was no exception!

It was crazy windy but even with bad weather it's still a stunning walk, I returned later in the week to do it on my own which is actually a lovely thing to do. Well it would be if you weren't being bashed by the bondi runners.... who seem to think they own the coastal walk. Anyway....

My favourite had to be the naked Barbie wave, constructed purely of barbies. A strange plastic experience.. [I am hoping made by recycled dolls.....] Check out the storm rolling behind us!

A few snaps from the two very different days. I hope if you went you were lucky with the sky :)

So another year down, another set of fantastic sculptures by some very talented artists. It must just be the prettiest backdrop for a gallery, right? Glad we were there to see them, lucky timing again :)

These last two photos are just for the love of that view and that sky. Ahhhh.

K x

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