Monday, November 16, 2015

Studio Visit - Ena & Albert


It is no secret that this brand is one of my favourite Australian designers, Therese from Ena & Albert makes 'Handmade colourful goods' and boy does she do it well!

When I was back in Sydney land I was lucky enough to go and see her studio space and spend a few hours surrounded by colours, clay and giggles.

She makes fun, quirky, unique polymer clay jewellery. Each bead is designed, colour mixed, hand rolled and baked in her little oven. Then made into gorgeous wearable pieces of art! She also makes them for teeny weenies... age 3 and up, too cute :) She also has started doing workshops, how fun.. I will definitely be keen for one on return!

I think I own about 6 necklaces now, 2 are custom designed and I love them... maybe too much. I probably wear one every day. They go with everything! You can never have too much of something you love. Maybe you fancy a look?

Sunny Studio Shots:

Busily stringing beads.... The master at work :)

A few shots from her current collection:

We have similar styles and inspirations so it's no wonder I love her work and will do for years to come no doubt. We met through Etsy, I love how it connects creative people and enables such friendships to evolve.

She is a gorgeous girl inside and out, anyone who knows her loves her! I feel lucky to have become a friend. I bet Ena was a real sweetie too. The brand is named after her maternal grandparents that were married 60 years, quite the crafty lady I hear....

K x

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