Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Very English Christmas


I trust you have all eaten far too much turkey, cheese and crisps?! Or just me... as well as the far too many mulled wines and various concoctions... delicious tastyness.

This is our first Christmas in the UK in over 5 years and I was so excited about it I was worried I would be disappointed. But it is as pretty, romantic and nostalgic as I remembered. Everything is gorgeous at night, the smells of log fires, the lights in people's windows and the festivity of Christmas! London is always stunning this time of year, manic but stunning....

I have found a new obsession in the form of front doors! Brightly painted, festively adorned doors. Check out my instagram feed @shiztastic for more....

I hope 2015 has been a good one for you, for us it has been an eclectic [and very humid] year in an Asian city! KL has brought ups and downs, good and bad but definitely an incredible experience that shall not be forgotten. I am happy to say Sydney will be home again soon into 2016.

Wishing you nothing but happiness for the year ahead!

Katy xxx

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