Monday, February 8, 2016

Pedal Penang - A Street Art Tour


Georgetown in Penang might just be one of my favourite places in the world. It has delicious cheap food, beautiful candy coloured colonial and traditional architecture and it's totally flat so you can cycle around and photograph all the incredible street art the city has to offer.

So that's exactly what we did one very hot day last week.. we hired a tandem bike and set off with a street art map [readily available around town] taking us down lanes, alleyways and all the nooks and crannies the town has to offer. Stopping only to photograph and enjoy some street stall Makan!

There are several artists responsible for the artwork, one is Ernest Zacharevic His series that mainly feature children were part of the arts and culture festival in 2012, the first public artworks to colour the city...

Nowadays you find street art on every white space, adorning walls with colourful stories and making Georgetown a unique and wonderful place to visit. There are also metal sculptures by Sculpture At Work dotted around the main streets and make for interesting wanders.

A few of my favourite artworks and sights from pedaling Penang...

There is something in Georgetown for everyone, it has won me over and I am dreaming of renovating a little shophouse...... and cycling everywhere..... and eating mint noodles... Oh yeah YUM!

K x

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